Cleaner/Degreaser 416

Cleaner/Degreaser 416 has been specially formulated to be used with high pressure sewer line cleaning equipment to rid you of your number one problem in cleaning your lines – Grease(!) when used as directed with a simple ratio of 1 gallon of Cleaner/Degreaser 416 to every 100 gallons (1% solution) of water in your high-pressure line-cleaning equipment tank.

The first concern when using a chemical with you high-pressure line-cleaning equipment is the safety of your personnel and equipment. Cleaner/Degreaser 416 is a water based formula, contains no petroleum solvents, no chlorinated or quaternary compounds, no acids or free alkalis, and no toxic materials. Cleaner/Degreaser 416 is a powerful product, yet safe for your people and for the environment. It is not harmful to pumps, seals, bearings, gaskets, etc. in your equipment. Cleaner/Degreaser 416 is completely non-combustible, non-volatile and biodegradable, with no flash-point, and is biologically compatible with wastewater treatment processes, allowing natural degradation to occur with no harm to bacteria present in the natural digestion of sewage waste. This product is not harmful to plant, animal, or marine life when used as directed.