ProShield® 5000

ProShield® 5000 is a patented technology registered with the EPA for inhibiting the growth of a wide array of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, and fungi on textile materials. Unlike conventional antibacterial agents that leach from the surface and into the environment, ProShield® 5000 produces a durable biostatic finish that provides a physical piercing of the microbes’ cell walls. Conventional antibacterial agents work like poisons, leaching into microorganisms and disrupting one or more of their vital functions. Since ProShield® 5000 physically ruptures the cell walls of these microbes, there are no poisons to be exhausted and no “super bugs” are created. ProShield® 5000 is an aqueous solution of an organosilane active material. ProShield® 5000 contains no solvents and is not flammable or corrosive. It is extremely durable and remains effective after multiple launderings. In addition to antimicrobial protection, ProShield® 5000 provides durable antistatic properties and lubricity on all types of fibers. ProShield® 5000 can be applied to a broad range of textile products.