Tank Cleaner TC-50

A unique, 100% active blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, and naturally occurring terpenes designed to safely remove carbon based products, vegetable oils, lubricants, oil additives, synthetic coatings, polymeric binders, high molecular weight complex compounds, grime, and many other contaminants that are difficult to remove even with petroleum solvent based cleaners. Tank Cleaner TC-50 contains no chlorinated solvents, petroleum solvents, alkalies or caustic substances of any kind, or phosphates. Tank Cleaner TC-50 is designed to be used in various hot water wash systems at a 1 to 10% emulsion in water, with 2% level being the norm. Tank Cleaner TC-50 breaks the surface bonding and emulsifies and/or suspends the contaminants for disposition without re-deposition. Tank Cleaner TC-50 typically cleans the toughest contaminants with a one-step wash in hot water.