Truck Wash TW-50

A revolutionary new product for pressure washing trucks effectively and safely with minimal deleterious effects on the environment. A very mildly alkaline pH of 9.25 provides the safest effective product possible. Truck Wash TW-50 breaks the electro-static bond between road film and metal truck surfaces allowing effective no-brush pressure washing. Truck Wash TW-50 contains neither caustics nor acids, yet replaces harsh acid-alkaline two step processes in truck washing and harsh alkaline cleaners in facilities cleaning with superior cleaning results as compared to its more dangerous competitors. Truck Wash TW-50 effectively removes dirt, grime, road film, gasoline and diesel fuels, lubricants, machine oils, and silicones from nearly any surface with no harm to the surface cleaned. Truck Wash TW-50 is extremely concentrated, thus making it highly cost effective since it is used at such large dilution ratios. Since Truck Wash TW-50 works better and quicker than its harsher competitors, better cleaning results and valuable labor savings are achieved. Available in 55 gallon, 30 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails.